"SEND A SCREENSHOT" NEW CALL FOR SUBMISSION > 2015 Join us * Parties Prises is a concept based on collecting information which surround and invade our minds, stay imprinted and get deleted. The principle is to keep a record of different creative processes and the selection which results from it. For the issue number zero, Lia Rochas-Paris asked about forty artists to “perform” screenshots intended for paper print. Freezing the computer screen like a memo often doomed to disappear in virtuel reality. The theme of ADD / Attention Deficit Disorder / stresses out the “hurly burly” aspect of the thoughts and actions emerging from these new means of communication, rendering new methods of attention... We're launching a new call for submission based on the same concept as the number zero / to release an issue next year. >>> Send your screenshots to In a first time, all the screenshots will be published on the Tumblr page The works will then be selected for the paper edition before it all vanishes into the Cloud : )